Green CDs!

Added some cool new links of companies that make environmentally friendly musical instruments…also check out the cool services available below from MMS Direct! Special pricing on GREEN CDs before February 28th!

Green CD Program
Environmentally Friendly “Green CD” ProgramSPECIAL GREEN OFFER EXTENDED to FEBRUARY 28!
MMS is offering the DigiPak™ with optional 100% recycled plastic trays, and printed on 100% recycled board – for the ultimate environmentally-friendly DigiPak™ – at the same price as a regular DigiPak™. Offer now extended until February 28, 2008 . Orders of 1000 or more. Ask your MMS rep for details on this and other environmentally friendly CD packaging options.GREEN CD PROGRAM

*New eco-friendly DigiPak™ trays
*FSC-approved paper
*Vegetable-based inks
*Limited carbon emissions
*Affordable green choices
*The MMS Corporate Environmental CommitmentA green CD?? Almost…Recently, MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES asked ourselves a very simple question:

Are we doing all we can to make the compact disc or DVD as

environmentally friendly as possible?

  • We talked to our production partners and asked about their environmental policies.
  • We closely examined every single component of the products we produce.
  • We looked at our recycling policies, our purchasing habits and our energy usage.

Our goal is to deliver the greenest CD we possibly can, and we are doing all that is technically feasible to do just that.

Introducing the MMS Green CD Program, a company-wide policy which takes an environmentally-friendly approach to each aspect of our company’s operations. The MMS Green CD Program covers everything from office and lunchroom recycling to our choice of production partners. But first, here’s what it means to you… when you manufacture a CD with MMS, you can be assured that if we can offer an environmentally friendly manufacturing option, we will.

In fact, the environmentally friendly option will be our default position:

We offer eco-friendly DigiPak™ trays.
The DigiPak™ has always been one of the best packaging choices for the environment, and now it’s even better! In addition to the standard plastic tray, MMS offers 100% recycled plastic trays and biodegradable PaperFoam™ trays.

The paper we print on is either recycled or is made from wood that has been logged responsibly.
100% recycled paper stock has been an MMS manufacturing option for many years. And now, almost all of our standard products (booklets, tray cards, DigiPaks, posters) are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified papers. FSC papers are made from forest products harvested with high standards for ecologically and socially responsible forest use. By using FSC papers for your project, you support responsible forest management. Let your fans know this by including the FSC logo in your artwork, something MMS will do for you at no extra cost.

Our printing inks and coatings won’t poison rivers and streams.
We use only vegetable-based inks in our printing, and all inks are recycled or disposed of in a controlled manner. Additionally, all of our standard paper coatings are water-based.

We limit our carbon emissions. Whenever possible, MMS sources manufacturing components from suppliers with geography in mind, thereby reducing the energy and carbon emissions used in transportation and delivery.

Affordable green choices for our clients.
When you make an environmentally responsible choice in your CD or DVD manufacturing project, MMS promises to participate in cost variances to keep costs to an absolute minimum. As a result, in many cases, the greener choice will cost nothing extra at all.

Of course, while we encourage the “greener” alternative, MMSwill continue to offer a full range of products. Your MMS Customer Service Representative can advise you of the environmental impact of any option you choose.

We promise to keep searching for better, greener solutions. And finally, as new, friendlier technologies become available, MMS promises to use them as soon as it is economically and practically feasible to do so.

The most environmentally friendly CD possible. The choice is yours.


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