Compact Disc Recycling Campaign Aims To Grow National Network Of Members To
Support Public Awareness Program

March 11, 2008
For More Information Contact:
Lisa Bennett
603-898-4319 (FAX)

Salem, NH March 11, – The CD Recycling Center of America announced today an
open call for all bands and companies that use or distribute CDs and DVDs to
join the Center’s disc recycling awareness campaign, which was launched
Earth Day, 2007. The campaign promotes the importance of recycling compact
discs and to increase community awareness of related environmental issues
caused by unwanted discs being placed in the trash. The CD Recycling
Center’s website: is designed to
educate consumers, while building a national network of registered members
and supporters that pledge to recycle their disc waste. The Center invites
consumers and companies to send in their unwanted CDs and DVDs for

“Each year over 30 billion CDs and DVDs are still being manufactured, while
millions of unwanted, damaged and obsolete discs end up in landfills and
incinerators every month.” States Bruce Bennett, founder of The Compact Disc
Recycling Center of America. “It is important for those individuals or
companies that use, sell, manufacture or promote compact discs to also
responsibly promote how and where to recycle them.”

When compacts discs are placed in the trash, it is harmful to the
environment. When discs are recycled properly, it will help stop unnecessary
pollution, conserve natural resources, and slow global warming. The plastic
used in compact discs can be recycled into other everyday items, including
household products, building materials, and auto parts.

Bennett states “I feel the main reason people are throwing out unwanted CDs
and DVDs is that they simply don’t know what else to do with them. Now they
can learn the importance of disc recycling, and also have a place to send
them. They can send us one or one million discs and we’ll accept and
recycle them.” Bennett also notes that the only requirement to keep the
service free of charge is that all components of the disc packaging must be
disassembled by separating the disc, case pieces and any paper prior to
sending them into the center.

The Center asks that companies visit their recycling website, HYPERLINK” and sign in as
a supporter. The Center encourages new members place The CD Recycling Center
logo on their own website and promotional materials, thus promoting to end
users how and where to recycle unwanted discs when they are finished using
them. Bennett states “Every disc counts, and no disc should end up in the
trash. Discs should be collected, boxed and sent to The Recycling Center.”
Bennett goes on to add “Companies that use compact discs to promote their
business should be environmentally responsible and promote disc recycling
awareness, showing dedication in helping the environment. We have made it
very easy for companies to start a disc recycling campaign, and we do not
charge anything to become a member. We provide the logo, a plan,
promotional materials and a place to send the discs.”

The Compact Disc Recycling Center was founded in 2006 by Bruce Bennett,
owner of The American Duplication Supply Group, including Superdups, New
England Compact Disc and American Duplication Supply. After manufacturing
millions of discs for thousands of customers, Bennett decided it was equally
important as a manufacturer to educate people on the importance of disc
recycling. The Compact Disc Recycling Center provides consumers and
companies education, consultation, awareness and options for easy CD and DVD
recycling, with a location to send the discs to. The website, offers a range of articles, research, products and
profiles of their growing number of supporters and members, all to be
applauded by the recycling conscious consumer.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Bruce
Bennett, please call Lisa Bennett at 603-894-5553 or email


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