Interesting Links * Tree People

Interesting links!

First of all, we had a lovely evening in Hollywood on Thurs Dec 11 raising awareness for Tree People.

Lacey Brown came as a rep from the local non-profit explaining about the work Tree People does in California. We collected some donations during the show – had more funds pledged from the East Coast, and would like to continue to encourage those seeking alternative gifting ideas for the holidays to consider volunteering for a local Tree People replanting effort day here in CA or give the gift of planting a tree or a grove: Gift a Tree or a Grove!

Second: A fascinating read about organic farming, genetic engineering, and global food supply considerations.

Third, learned about a really cool woman in the process – Vandana Shiva:

Finally, huge thanks to a soulful, beautiful performance by fellow artists Genevieve & Monique – including gorgeous solo piano by Gen & a unique electronic, performance-art rendition of Monique’s dance tracks.

Below is a link to a video of Amy Clarke performing “What Do You Do” at the 12/11 event at Cafe Muse.

Helping to heal the earth takes many forms . . .

“helping heal the earth”


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