Gaia Grove grows! Gratitude for 2008 & beyond . . .

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported or contributed to Gaia Grove during its fledgling development last year in 2008!

After the 12/11 benefit concert at Cafe Muse in Los Angeles, we received donations from both coasts and both dedicated and planted an actual grove of trees (in memory of a dear friend Vidal Perez) with Tree People!

We are waiting for the planting certificate to arrive in the mail, and are grateful to Tree People for sending a wonderful speaker for the event. We are also happy to know that during the winter holiday season, instead of cutting down any more evergreens, a new living grove of trees was planted in support of helping to heal the earth.

Thanks to all who have contributed to all Gaia Grove initiatives over the past year – especially during challenging economic times. In 2008, Gaia Grove hosted music & arts benefits in New York City, Los Angeles, and in Mexico raising funds and awareness for several environmental groups and political causes.

2008 Gaia Grove events:
March (NYC, The Bitter End – Conservation International)
May (Mexico, Cantu – Zonas Verdes de Punta Banda A.C.)
July (LA, Tangier – The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation)
October (LA, Cafe Muse – Obama for President / NO on PROP 8 )
December (LA, Cafe Muse – Tree People)

This was an experimental, foundation year, and we are grateful for everyone who joined the cause. In 2009, Gaia Grove is researching more funding options, non-profit collaborations, and will be making plans to expand into larger events, festivals, and productions.

For more information, or to collaborate or suggest a project for 2009 or beyond, please write to:


Gaia Grove
“helping heal the earth”


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