ONE SONG ~ Healing Waters ~ Summer Solstice

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Inspiration for the Project
It is speculated that a whale’s song, if unimpeded by landmasses could circulate the globe and return to its source. Humpbacks have a song that is deeply complex and poetic with verse and chorus, and much like human music, it constantly changes and evolves over time. Science has learned much about their song, but one unexplained fact remains, even though the Humpback’s song is deeply poetic and constantly changing and the whales themselves are spread across thousands of miles, at any given moment, ALL of the Humpbacks of an entire region are SINGING THE SAME SONG.

This is the essence of the One Song project. To align our energy and voices across the globe. To rise up as ONE FAMILY and remember how powerful we are when we come together, in PEACE, for the greater good of all.

TO LEARN ONCE AGAIN TO SING THE SAME SONG – a song of Consciousness, Peace, Unity & Honoring all Life.

The One Song Project is an opportunity for the world to unite in song and celebration in gratitude for our lives, with the intentions of creating Peace within the waters of our living planet, Peace within ourselves and Peace within our world.

The One Song Project is a sonic prayer supporting Humanities Awakening and remembering the interconnectedness of all of Life.

JOIN US as we SING the ONE SONG!!!



One thought on “ONE SONG ~ Healing Waters ~ Summer Solstice

  1. I have been playing Shamanic Healing Journey Music to the Gulf and especially the dolphins and whales since May 27 daily when I heard the dolphins remind me that sound was their way and then of course I understood what I had to do and it ha been one ecstatic journey even inside the tragedy of it all. COUNT ME IN! BLESSINGS FLASH SILVERMOON

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