Gaia Grove with REVERB @ #Lilith LA 2010 #LF10LA

What a magical day in sunny Southern California.

After Gaia Grove hosted a HEALING THE WATERS intimate concert, poetry & song sharing night at Cafe Muse LA on Friday July 9 with surprise guests, and thought-provoking & beautiful music shared on ways to help heal our oceans & world (photos/video soon), other members headed down for the LA stop on the LILITH 2010 ~ Celebration of Women in Music ~ festival Saturday, July 10, which was actually held @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine Meadows. But this OC location was perfect for the day, as it RAINED in LA in the afternoon, but stayed PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL all day at LILITH in Irvine…


Gaia Grove (Dana Krieger, Shameen Cooper, & original Gaia Grove founder Amy Clarke) volunteered & partnered with the REVERB eco-team @ Lilith LA 2010 to learn more about the work they do greening music festivals, and the afternoon was inspiring, productive, and FUN!

Lilith REVERB eco-team, Irvine CA 7*10*10, photo by Brande Jackson

We spoke with festival attendees about making a conscious commitment to reducing their impact on the environment, encouraged fans to recycle, refill water bottles @ Reverb stations, & to make pledges to the environment to continue work in their community at the Reverb photo booth! Wonderful to speak directly to fans, see the effect REVERB has, and be inspired throughout the day. Here is a shot of our team at the end of the eco-shift:

Lilith Eco-Team by REVERB, LA 2010

Everyone enjoyed the music of the Lilith village stage musical artists throughout (Jes Hudak, The Weepies, Molly Jenson, Susan Justice, Marina & The Diamonds, Elizaveta, and more) and had fun exploring the “eco-village”. Favorite vendors in the i4c Campaign Eco-Village included Alter-Eco from San Francisco & To-GoWare, & Better World Books. Once the shift was over, we wandered around the festival, enjoying the music and crowd. We found a great spot in the lawn, preferring it to the amphitheatre seating, and made friends while listening to music of Brandi Carlile & Emmylou Harris.

photo by Shameen Cooper

Then, curious as ever, (& on a break in between artists), Amy made her way to the Yamaha tent near the village stage, went in to experiment with the sounds of the Yamaha Motif, starting playing, drew attention, then started drawing a crowd, Yamaha gave her full volume on the keys, then they gave her a mic, and she first sang her most recent single “MARY (her story)”, then Brian McGovern of Yamaha jumped in and joined her on drum kit for Belmont Blues, Rain Come Round, Queendom Come, & A New Way with a small crowd gathering inside and at the tent door to listen! New friends and fans were made in an instant. Thank you, Yamaha!

Sometimes you do end up exactly where you need to be…

Amy Clarke in the Yamaha booth @ Lilith 2010, mobile photo by Yamaha 🙂

Excited and grateful beyond belief, Amy then rejoined the group on the lawn, and we all enjoyed the mainstage music for the rest of the evening, including a visually spectacular set by Carmen Rivera featuring full mariachi band, country rock from Miranda Lambert, and a BEAUTIFUL, SOULFUL, & POWERFUL closing set by Lilith Fair co-founder Sarah McLachlan, singing classics & highlights from her new LAWS OF ILLUSION.

Sarah McLachlan website

The official Lilith Photo Gallery page is here on Facebook: Lilith Photo Gallery Part II

THANKS to LILITH, NETTWERK, REVERB, Sarah McLachlan, Terry McBride, Amy Makowiecki, Brande Jackson, all sponsors, and more for contributing to such a glorious day in Southern California ~ to follow more about the Lilith 2010 tour & artists, see:


REVERB may be still taking additional eco-team volunteers for DC & remaining stops on the tour . . . feel free to get in touch with them! Also become a member of their Green Music Group and take their eco-challenges online! REVERB

P.S. Though not an “official” Lilith artist (yet) Amy Clarke, who is on Summer Tour dates on the East Coast and returning to her hometown DC in July & August will also be added as an additional “ambassador” to the LILITH DC show – which is now the final stop of the 2010 tour – TUESDAY AUGUST 3, MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILION, in Columbia, Maryland.

Looking forward to a successful remainder of the Lilith 2010 w/Reverb, and looking forward to LILITH 2011 ~


Gaia Grove
“helping heal the earth”


One thought on “Gaia Grove with REVERB @ #Lilith LA 2010 #LF10LA

  1. wonderful to read! amy, you are one of the ambassadors of music for Lilith Fair – traveling to DC and allowing the universe to lift you up to where you need to be. sending good energy to all and in our own way, we’re all “helping heal the earth.” thanks for sharing – thanks to everyone for caring! thanks to Yamaha for giving Amy full volume in the keys! 😉

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