turning the earth ~ reflections from silver lake

Today in the community ~ walking with family to the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market, making music & friends in the drum song circle there for children, singing our daughter to sleep.  Turning the earth, composting, and weeding the vegetable & herb gardens in the Micheltorena School Community Garden, sharing pomegranates from our own garden, feeding the chickens, meeting neighbors, making friends. Special thanks to Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, James Bigelow, Linda, Alison, the lady who came to take pictures for the Whole Foods school garden grant application, the two guys who showed up and fell in love with the garden, and Colette the chicken ( twitter ~ @LasMiChickas.)  Gathering some basil and seed money, composing lyrics in my head, planting wildflowers along my path home. Working with Charles Renn, Co-Owner of the Hive and Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee on the Electrical Box Art Project ~ prepping the currently painted art boxes along Sunset Blvd for touch-ups by the artists, recruiting future artists for phase two of the project (send links of visual artists’ work to by Nov 12, 2012* see below for more details).  Mixing basil from the market with my homegrown variety, making dinner with fresh herbs, watching the sunset over the hill in Silver Lake.  Playing the piano, writing music, watching the stars from our backyard.

Feeling full, whole, complete, home.  Namaste.

VOTE TUESDAY NOV 6, or early if you can.

Hope to see you next Saturday at the garden, or this Wednesday 11/7 at the SLNC Governing Board meeting.

~ Amy

* CALL TO ARTISTS :: The Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee is organizing Round 2 of the Electrical Box Beautification Project ~ We are looking for artists to paint the gray electrical boxes scattered around the streets of Silver Lake. Each selected artist will paint 1 box. To participate, please send 5-7 jpeg images of your work (along with links to websites) to: artsandculturecommittee@gmail.com *Deadline for Submissions is Nov 12!!  Artist will be notified Dec 11.We will select 10 artists. Each will then create a mock up box (photoshop collage, drawing,
painting, etc.) that must be approved by the Arts & Culture Committee. All supplies/materials for this project will be funded by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. The actual painting of the boxes will happen in February. Thanks and Good Luck!


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