new moon musings ~ January 2013

Since moving into Silver Lake, I spent many months looking out the east window, watching the sun rise, and wondering why the birds had not found our feeder.  We had plenty of trees, ample cover, sunflower seeds & nuts, and a design that had worked many times before. Yet still ~ no birds. They frequented the trees in our tiny grove, but the seed level in our feeder remained constant from May through December, and we never saw a bird come anywhere near it.

It was as if the feeder were invisible.

After reactivating the space during the week of Winter Solstice 2012 with a candle vigil through the night for many evenings, and much singing, drumming, and seasonal tidying of the garden, I still felt something was missing.

So, one sunny January morning, I spent an hour or more meditating in our backyard. I laid on the earth, created sacred space, and then connected with each one of the elements. In the east, where the feeder hung, I spoke with the element of air, inspiration, and communication, and i opened up a conversation with the birds. I invited them in. In the south, I invoked fire, the noonday sun, passion, and power, warming the space.  in the west, I summoned water, emotion, healing, memory and welcomed waves of love. In the north, I rooted to the earth, anchored myself, and gained strength from the support of the soil. I felt the space was more charged, potent, and alive than it had been, as was I.  I then thanked all the elements in turn, released the energy, raised from the earth.

The next morning, the birds discovered the feeder ~



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