Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Elections: Sat Apr 12, 2014 ~ POWER to the PEOPLE

Silver Lake: The Neighborhood’s Council –  YOURS, Not Ours.   (Your Neighborhood, Your Voice, Your Representatives, YOUR COUNCIL)

co·a·li·tion = alliance for combined action (your COALITION)

Please come out and VOTE, Silver Lake! Governing Board Elections for ALL 21 SEATS: Sat Apr 12, 10AM-4PM at Micheltorena Elementary Auditorium ~ 1511 Micheltorena at Sunset.

Your Radical Inclusion and Our Transparency  It’s 2014 so why aren’t we ALREADY using technology to be inclusive in Silver Lake?  We need to live stream every SLNC council and committee meeting, allow viewers to comment, vote and speak from the web.  We need “speak outs” – regional meetings that focus on a specific area of interest.  And all of this needs to be translated in Spanish and Tagalog.

Your Business  Let’s attract and develop responsible, sustainable businesses, including worker owned co-operatives and collectives.  We’re going to need additional parking solutions, and a Silver Lake DASH line to connect shoppers, students and workers to the Metro Red Line Subway.

Your Community Gardens  We need gardens in every region, not just one or two.  They allow families and neighbors to meet, work, learn, share, and get healthy together. Let’s celebrate, grow, & create more of them!

Your Growing Community  High density developments in Silver Lake are a reality that we need to deal with by regulating new or modified development to mitigate negative impact on existing neighbors, traffic, and quality of life.  Developers should present plans for new subdivisions, residential or business construction to the Neighborhood Council for review AND approval prior to breaking ground. We can protect Silver Lake’s charm by suggesting locations of Small Lot developments and successfully integrating new affordable development into existing neighborhood characteristics.

Your Reservoir  Let’s figure out responsible reservoir usage with expansion of lake access in an environmental and wildlife friendly way.  There’s a middle ground that meets community needs, provides fence-free open space, and includes all neighbors in the reservoirs debate.  Support the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy

Your Money  Did you know Silver Lake isn’t spending all of the money allocated by the city ($37K each year!) on community outreach projects and events?  Why are we sending any of this money back to the city?  Let’s figure out a better way!

Your Economy  The Sharing Economy including responsible Short-Term Rentals, Ride-Sharing, Time-Banking, Neighborhood Fruit Harvesting, Tool Sharing, Parenting Co-operatives, among other things.  More importantly, it includes you. Let’s strike the right balance.


 Whomever is sharing this with you shares the core spirit of these beliefs and has many more that you may share or disagree with.  The beauty of Silver Lake is that we are already a coalition; we all share the goals of prosperity and love for our little neighborhood.  Sometimes the coalition is temporary and will change depending on the issue, which is FANTASTIC.  We wouldn’t be Silver Lake if we didn’t have differing opinions.  But we believe, first and foremost, in hearing those opinions and weighing them openly.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, but everyone feels better when they’ve gotten a fair chance to speak their part.

So come out and VOTE April 12, 2014 from 10AM-4PM 1511 Micheltorena St, Los Angeles, CA 90026.  You will a need Picture ID, proof you live, or work, own property, or have a vested interest in a neighborhood business, school, or organization.  Bring whatever you have, including your family, friends, & neighbors.

Your evolving coalition of candidates includes: Candidate (Region)  *please note: these are all personal recommendations and none are official endorsements by current SLNC or any SLNC board members

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (At-Large)  Amy Clarke (At-Large)  Heather Carson (At-Large)  Kinoka Ogsbury (At-Large)  David Modern (At-Large)  Teresa Sitz (At-Large) (Gaia Grove also personally recommends Lisa Marie Hart (at large)


Helen De La Paz Dion (1) Joshua Javier Gomez (1)

Georgene Smith Goodin (2) Karen Speitel (2)

Seamus Garrity (3) (Seamus is a Gaia Grove personal recommendation, not an official part of the coalition)

Ted Adams (4) James Bigelow (4) 

Frances Tran (5) (Gaia Grove also personally recommends Dorit Dowler-Guerrero (5) current SLNC Board Member & Treasurer)

Matthew Desario (6) Joe Ferrell (6)

John Wingler (7) Hope Taylor (7)  (Gaia Grove also personally recommends Karina Andrade (7), community activist & current LHNC Board Member)

Join us!

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