Pianos are popping up all over Silver Lake!

Why do pianos keep appearing in interesting locations all over Silver Lake?

Last summer, a real Wurlitzer piano appeared in Sunset Triangle Plaza for Make Music Silver Lake 20130621_123007 (part of the 2nd Annual Make Music LA) on Summer Solstice, then was wheeled back down Sunset Blvd to Micheltorena Elementary & Community Garden, where she has lived all year, entertaining young and old alike. https://gaiagrove.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/make-music-silver-lake-fri-jun-21-sunset-triangle-plaza-concert-make-music-la/


In October of last year, the same Wurlitzer was also wheeled down Sunset Blvd East to Laurel & Hardy Park for Music Box Steps Day, celebrating the famous Silver Lake staircase of the classic black & white comedic film “The Music Box Steps”, where she was played by many before being transported back to the garden.



This summer, a Story & Clark piano named Georgia appeared in the Plaza the day before Summer Solstice. She was played by many people leading up to and throughout Make Music LA on Summer Solstice, and then has been so beloved by all in the Plaza she is now living there permanently, after being adopted by Vivian of the tasty & popular Pine & Crane restaurant.


Then, just in the last week, a baby grand piano arrived at the Silver Lake Library – she has been donated to Friends of Silver Lake Library and will be dedicated this Thurs eve 7/10 at 6:30PM!

Why are all of these pianos popping up all over Silver Lake?  Could it have anything to do with the 20th Anniversary of Music Box Steps Day taking place Sat October 18, 2014?


The mystery unfurls …

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