autumn equinox animal totems ~ hawk & squirrel


Urban Shamanism ~ this interesting interaction between and urban hawk & squirrel recorded just before sunset in Silver Lake, CA on Sep 19, 2014 ~ approaching Autumn Equinox ~

Hawk totem ~ leadership, visionary, messenger, communication, higher knowledge, big picture, perspective

Squirrel totem ~ gatherer, saving, preparedness, activity, playfulness, balancing work with play

Observation ~ the GATHERER arrives to remind LEADER & VISIONARY that it is important to REBALANCE ~ both work AND communication with PLAY ~ take time out from keeping an eye on everything and make more room for rest, reflection, rejuvenation ~ the VISIONARY does not want to hear this message at first, attempts to attack the GATHERER, wants to continue guiding, pushing forward, and then seeks higher ground, greater perspective, distance, solitude, reflection.  However, it turns out there is greater wisdom in the retreat than in attempting to engage with the GATHERER.

DIVINATION for AUTUMN EQUINOX: pause. REBALANCE.  remove oneself from the chatter. make time to honor work and play. shift from controlling & shaping to flowing, observing, reflecting from a new perspective. use the resources you already have to get what you need. take the higher road. rise. remove oneself from conflict and activity to meditate on new vision.


Honor your body , honor the earth / heal yourself, heal the earth ~ Namaste

Both images in this post are Susan Seddon Boulet paintings ~ Horus (above) and Changing Woman (Below)


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