Full Moon, Astrology of the Week & Cross Quarter Samhain


Powerful wisdom from the Mystic Mammas Patricia, Dipali & Jessica & more

Now, seeing as Scorpio’s realm is power, sexuality, death and transformation as well as the shamanic and shadow worlds, we are experiencing just how fundamental the surrender (a most feminine action) to the Divine is for our survivalAttachment (Taurus) and letting go, i.e. death (Scorpio) are big themes highlighted at this Moon. Look deeply and closely at anything diminishing your self worth and address the issues underlying your lack of intimacy, inability to show up in all your radiance, or buried beliefs in scarcity.”  © 2014 ~Patricia Liles
“Think of it as an important miniature timer being set off to expose hidden desires, motivations, fears and areas that require new wise action. Strong reactions, anger and seething emotions will indicate what and where you need to pay attention. This is the next step for growth and perseverance in the timing of things…”  © 2014 ~ Dipali Desai.

Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon in Taurus:

Solar – 15th degree of Scorpio is “Children playing around five mounds of sand.” connection to all 5 elements, air, fire, water, earth & spirit, five-pointed star, Venus, playfulness, innocent joy, discovery & appreciation with all five senses

<<As it’s the Eagle point, it marks a degree of ultimate transcendence, and the ability to move that which usually cannot be moved, and stabilize that which is usually unstable. And of course, Scorpio often deals with some kinds of healing.>>

Lunar – 15th degree of Taurus is “A man muffled up, with a rakish silk hat, facing a storm”  personal courage in the face of adversity, style and class even while moving through tough weather, daring to be yourself and display true colors, expression

<<the courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition,” where regardless of what we have already succeeded at, we will still confront inner and outer storms the more “successful” we become… we must be ready to face these storms with courage and be willing “to accept crises and to go through them” to develop strength of character, which becomes the vehicle for Higher Consciousness>>


Cards for the Full Moon/photo(74)Cross-Quarter Samhain/Week

(drawn in Gaia Grove):

Medicine Cards: The Otter (Woman Medicine/ Playfulness/ Flow with the Water of Life)

Faerie Oracle: The Laume (Unconditional Giving AND Receiving) “ask yourself if you have been refusing to receive the bounty of the universe flowing through The Laume’s hands, just because it wasn’t in quite the form that you expected or because it was from a different source than you wanted it to come from & remember: unconditional receiving is a lot tougher than unconditional giving”

Enchanted Tarot: ACE of PENTACLES ~ Reward of the Earth, Treasure, Dia-MOND = Goddess of the Earth. For earthly benefits, this is one of THE MOST FAVORABLE of all THE ENCHANTED TAROT cards.

Shapeshifter Tarot: The SORCERER  ~ knowledge, power, mastery, The Magician, “you have all the tools on hand to meet your desires ~ you can make all wishes manifest”

& from Dear Brother Kaypacha Pele  – THE DRAGON OF DESIRE

“As I meet the dragon of desire,
That lives deep down within,
I take it on as my new job,
To see that all sides win.”


Exact Samhain Cross-Quarter (the precise midpoint between Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice) is



Card for Samhain (from the Heart of the Faerie Oracle): The QUEEN of the NIGHT

DESIRE, the embodiment of all longing, the endless night of desire that never thinks of morning

This Powerful Queen usually needs to be drawn with another card to signify what energy her strong magnetic pull is coupled with and drawing you towards, so another card was pulled:

THE BLESSING ~ benediction both given & received. Coupled with the Queen of the Night, whatever desire you intend to follow, if you begin your intent with reverence, prayer, and blessing, the outcome will only be positive, beneficial and a gift for all.


Peace, Love & Healing to all ~


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