Full Moon & 2015 Oracle Reading

Full Moon Jan 4, 2015 in Cancer

Card of the Day – Froud Faerie Oracle –

The Laume ~ Unconditional Giving and Receiving / Mutual Aid


Happy New Year! Here is the Card of this Full Moon from the Froud Faerie Oracle (with Jessica Macbeth) ~

Nicely illustrates the 8 / Infinity numerology energy of 2015 with focus on material mastery plus an important interplay of energy we all need to master this year – a more balanced ebb and flow of giving and receiving. Whether in our actions, possessions, ideas, feelings, families, systems, laws, partnerships, consciousness, government, groups, or even in our spiritual circles, may we please move towards not only a more equal, but also a more sustainable and healthier distribution of resources. more “rewards” given out for sustainable practices and inclusive practices such as fairness, justice, compassion, truth. More sharing, less hoarding. More communication about needs, less silent suffering and misunderstanding. More reaching people in need with right resources, less waste.  More more mutual support, less inequality and injustice. More trust from all directions.

It’s not about giving until it hurts. Rather, it’s more  about giving, when able, AND about receiving ~ both of these cycles flowing into each other like the infinity symbol ~ a delicate, graceful, balanced effortless interplay – like breathing, or the tide ~ in and out.

Take some time in the next two weeks after the full moon to carve out more space in your life for new insight, revelation, beginnings, growth, & make sure to say thank you to the new opportunities, people, and gifts as they appear. Practice sacred gifting and sacred gratitude all year round, and remember that ~ in the words of a wise teacher & friend ~ the secret to true mastery of the material plane is ~ constant repetition.

Also, in 2015, some magical sacred geometry for all to practice in the mind’s eye ~
imagine the transformation of a pyramid to sphere

love from LA ~

Amy Clarke

MAAT Music, ScorpFaery Productions


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