There are so many wonderful articles and blogs on the recent Instagram ban of #Goddess I have compiled many of them here. Thanks to LA MOTHER for doing the art campaign in May to reclaim derogatory language that led to me choosing the hashtag #goddess so the picture above was taken, as it was featured in the Daily Dot blog and is getting traction and awareness on Instagram at present. Sign the petition at Spread the word.

In HER name, Amy Clarke

“not without my consent / not without my amen” – Not Your Landscape,


<<The use of hashtags on Instagram has become a new way for social media lovers to gather and search for information. Most of these popular hashtags seem harmless, but there are a few that are problematic. To make sure the app is being used in a safe way, controversial tags are blocked or given a “Content Advisory” warning message. While it’s clear why certain questionable hashtags would be suspended, we were incredibly confused when earlier this month the app decided to ban the body positive hashtag #curvy. Instagram users were not happy with the eliminated hashtag and fought back by using #curvee, #stillcurvy, and #bringbackcurvy instead. Eventually Instagram came to realize that the hashtag was being used to celebrate the female body and lifted the ban.

Unfortunately, Instagram decided to surprise us once again. The photo sharing app decided to ban the hashtag  #goddess. Meanwhile, #god remains securely intact.

The common thread in each of these hashtag removals is that all of them are directed towards women.

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While there are those that do acknowledge that Instagram’s attempts are noble, there is still incongruity in its efforts. Linda Steiner, PhD, a University of Maryland, College Park media studies professor, told ThinkProgress, “I’m impressed with the attempts of Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter to try to come to grips with the problem rather than ignoring it altogether.” However, she goes on to say that the enforcement and methodologies used are inconsistent and problematic. Steiner said:

Instagram’s policy is not only weirdly enforced, I think they’re trying to have a simple policy that makes it easy for them …. Women are really bothered by the predatory invasion of their bodies … That includes posts of their body parts without their permission and the banning their own images because they don’t conform to an ideal physique.

As Steiner suggests, many of these bans, and related deleted photos, directly involve the display of female bodies and women’s sexuality. And, that has been the crux of the problem. While Instagram is trying to protect women and curb violations against women’s bodies, it is also censoring women and their positive expressions of female sexuality, spirituality, agency and body-positive imagery.

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