Full Moon Music – tues pm Silver Lake Farmer’s Market – Next Event Tues May 5 from 5-8pm

Tues Mar 31 ~ BEST ‪#‎fullmoonmusic‬ in Sunset Triangle Plaza yet!  Thank you, all you fabulous musicians, collaborators, healers, visionaries, artists, dreamers, parents, children, free spirits and more. What a night! Keeps getting better and better. Gratitude to all who made this fabulous evening possible ~ looking forward the next gathering (with extended hours) Tues May 5 (5/5/15) starting at 5PM ~ please email gaiagrove@gmail.com to get involved, share music, art, poetry, songs…the lineup is already filling up, as we keep growing every month!

2015-03-31 14.37.2710393790_10152842111131464_5387807378615553659_n

Special thanks to Mornings Nights Cafe, Pine & Crane, Story & Clark, Georgia the street piano, the Silver Lake Tuesday Afternoon Farmer’s Market Silver Lake, Los Angeles , the Silver Lake Improvement Association, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Amy Clarke, Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Renee Dawson, Richie Rich, Rene Collins, Charlie Becker, Lauren Green, Ryan Bersten, Wilma & Ethel Jewelry, the face painting team & balloon art vendors, and all who come together to make this fun, healthy & sustainable community event possible.

Support your local farmer’s market! Come to the Plaza every Tuesday afternoon & Saturday morning in Silver Lake 🙂

See you at the next #fullmoonmusic on 5/5/15 at 5PM!  Get involved ~ gaiagrove@gmail.com

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Keys of Tarot & Astrology 101 ~ 4-week class in Silver Lake

tarotastroflier2015WEB photo(87)photo(74)IMG_7003  photo(86)

KEYS of TAROT & ASTROLOGY 101 For all levels OF EXPERIENCE MONDAYS, 10aM-NOON  *  feb 23-mar 16, 2015 Silver lake for beginners to advanced, this intimate 4-week group class series facilitated by delphinia (www.delphiniasgarden.com) in a beautiful private garden setting in silver lake covers essential core principles, basic readings, keys to unlocking amazing interpretations, individual spread & natal chart exploration, lore, mystery & magic. all will leave feeling more empowered to read both for themselves and for others

Please bring notebook, pen, mug for tea, & your own deck for exploration

MONDAYs – FEB 23, MAR 2, MAR 9, & MAR 16

9:30AM garden open for meditation

10-11AM * keys of tarot (4 weeks) * $200

11AM-12noon * astrology 101 (4 weeks) * $200

$333 for both classes

Class limited to 7 participants – 1 work/study space available Rsvp before feb 22 to: gaiagrove@gmail.com

Delphinia, also known as Amy Clarke, is a gifted musician, composer, performer, priestess, artist & intuitive who has played music since age 3, read tarot cards since age 10, & studied the cycles of the moon, planets, & the stars since age 18. She co-founded an eclectic women’s spirituality circle (which is still active) in Washington, DC, a mixed teaching circle in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn backyard, & now owns a magical garden/event space for all in Silver Lake, Los Angeles where she lives playing & co-creating music, growing community & imagining special events.



Sun MAR 22, 2015 * 2nd Annual GAIA GROVE / UNIFY “WE LOVE WATER” healing ritual, song circle & potluck




$10-30 suggested energy exchange donation per family, no one turned away for lack of funds 🙂

RVSP for address to gaiagrove@gmail.com

Gaia Grove opening for Starhawk in LA at Fais Do Do Dec 7 2014

Magical day for the community ~ Sun Dec 7, 2014 Gaia Grove opening for Starhawk Climate Justice workshop hosted by Reclaiming LA & more partners ~ THANK YOU to SoCalClimate Action 350, Joyful Activist, Cross Pollinate & more!

all photos here courtesy Gaia Grove, unless credited otherwise ~ with sincere love & gratitude


flier for event in Gaia Grove, Silver Lake @gaiagrove


sunlight streaming into the room pre show


Annette Conlon & Water Woman


Magical Entry Arch by Ray Cirino (Dragon Oven)


Annette Conlon of Nette Radio


Hale May


Serena the S90, Amy Clarke’s keyboard, which has toured from DC to NY to Burning Man & SXSW


Amy Clarke (www.amyclarke.com) in picture by Lauren Green, courtesy Gaia Grove


Amy Clarke & Starhawk (www.starhawk.org)


Starhawk & Laurie Lovekraft of Reclaiming LA


Dominic Beauden & Jes Minah by Stephen Readmond (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.805876589458136&type=1)


Amy Clarke, Laurie Lovekraft, Starhawk


talking in breakout groups during the Climate Justice workshop

IMG_5841IMG_5906   IMG_5845


Magical times with amazing ladies! Thank you center Spirit, spirits of the Land, and spirit of the Air! http://instagram.com/p/wVN3kwK0oY/?modal=true


Amy & Hale after the show


Amy Clarke & Lauren Green


Starhawk expressing gratitude ~ featured on left in gold Jes Minah & in yellow Lauren Green


the gathering as seen through Water Woman


BELIEVE ~ the inscription on Amy Clarke’s keyboard


Starhawk as seen from the Air Altar


Devon speaking during workshop with SoCal350 Climate Action Jessica Aldridge & Jeffrey Lassanke to her left


Amy Clarke, spoken, song & limpia invocation for Air, standing with the Air Altar


Priestesses of Air ~ Amy Clarke (spoken/sung invocation of Air) & Solara DancingFlame (dancer of Air)


workshop in action, all meeting and talking with others


drumming & singing in the light ~ photo by Stephen Readmond ~ with Starhawk, Laurie Lovekraft, Amy Clarke, Ananda, Donar & all. More photos of the amazing event by Stephen Readmond are here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.805876589458136&type=1

Gaia Grove music lounge featuring Amy Clarke, Hale May & Annette Conlon of Nette Radio opening for Starhawk.

Starhawk in LA ~ Climate Change Workshop, Winter’s Dream & Spiral Dance ~ Sun Dec, 7, 2014

Starhawk2014Friends of Gaia Grove ~ so excited to partner with longtime inspiration, empowering author (The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing,The Earth Path & more), founder of Reclaiming, & global justice activist Starhawk on Sun, Dec 7 for a “Climate Justice ~ Visionary Action” workshop & Winter Solstice community ritual! Advance tickets on sale NOW: http://starhawkLA2014.eventbrite.com/ ~ event takes place from 12PM til 7PM at Fais Do Do in West LA ~ get your tickets today! Since 2000, have learned/worked/made magic with her in DC, New York, & here in LA ~ Star Hawk is a source of tremendous wisdom, magic & healing ~ highly recommend this event!

Interested in sharing music, art, or more at the event as a Gaia Grove co-creator? gaiagrove@gmail.com



RSVP to FB event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1481537718763632/






Gaia Grove lounge at last year’s Climate Justice/Winter’s Dream/Spiral Dance event in LA



Gaia Grove music/arts lounge at past Cross Pollinate events:


Hawk Magic ~ The Messenger ~

Last night, a hawk swooped into the tree above my house, landing on a large branch, with another smaller bird clutched between its talons. Hawk is one of my three main bird totems, otherwise known as medicine animals, the other two being Crow/Raven & Hummingbird, so I was not surprised to see her.

Especially since, after meditating on Eagle totem at New Moon, I called out to Hawk just afterwards, at the Crescent Moon, with these images & words 01_10_2007_0588714001191230042_susan_seddon_bouletposterlux-boulet_susan_seddon-kb_ssb_unelanuhiSusanSeddonBouletVisioning“Thank you, Eagle. Now calling another of my core totems ~ HAWK ~ going to need this powerful medicine for the work ahead. These Susan Seddon-boulet images invoke the energy required at present ~ may it be so. ‘Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world, uses the power of FOCUS, takes the LEAD when the time is right, POWER to see, clear VISION, strong connection with SPIRIT, increased spiritual AWARENESS, keen observation then ACTION at right time.’

20140317_185127 Hawk clearly answered the call.  

However, what was unusual is that another of my friends who lives in the neighborhood had just shared a story with me yesterday morning of a hawk landing on a branch outside HER window, grabbing a mourning dove in its talons, then taking off into the sky.  This hawk seemed to have a pigeon as its prey as well, also a member of the Dove family, so I paid closer attention. 

And yesterday morning, after hearing her story, I called out to Dove “thank you, Hawk medicine, energy has been strong & you have served your purpose up until this Full Moon. Your energy released, now calling in Dove ~ birdgoddessbringer of peace & love, understanding of gentleness, spirit messenger, communication between the two worlds, maternity, femininity, prophecy. Myths & legends surrounding dove link it with many goddesses; renowned as the embodiment of maternal instinct. Dove’s brood consists of 2 eggs. 2 is a symbol of creative & feminine energies. Home & family are very dear/meaningful to those with this bird & life lessons are strongest” I went to sleep hoping to understand more about this arrival.  Was there war and peace symbology happening here?  <<Popularly, “hawks” are those who advocate an aggressive foreign policy based on strong military power. “Doves” try to resolve international conflicts without the threat of force.>> dictionary.reference.com  Did this mean that peace was being sacrificed?  I went to sleep with Hawk medicine card beneath my pillow.

I awoke still curious, as dreams did not reveal any further meaning. However, the hawk was still in the tree outside my house this morning when I went to bike with my daughter to school. She seemed to be waiting for me. So, since Hawk is the Messenger of the Spirit World ~ I looked up and asked her what her message was. She cried out, then seemed to look down, where feathers from her conquest (the Dove) were scattered all over the ground.  20140318_085923Suddenly reminded of when a cat brings you a mouse as a gift, I realized – she literally brought me what I asked for, when I called for Dove energy yesterday morning.  She showed the dualistic connection between my friend Lucha who lived several blocks away. She reminded me (this was the same day of the small yet close LA earthquake in Westwood) of the raw power and beauty of nature – and the importance of both nurturing and protecting gifts. She showed me – again – that the universe is listening, carefully. Words are power.  Thoughts become things.

I paused and honored the spirit of the Dove who served as a symbolic sacrifice (sustenance and nourishment for the Hawk).  I thanked the Hawk for listening, for coming, for bringing her gift. I then carefully gathered the largest dove feathers to turn them into a smudge wand for peace & sang these words to move from symbolism to reality, (be REALLY specific with the universe when asking for things):

I call for wisdom, I ask for peace,

I summon healing of all grief,

I call for gentle justice, love,

and inspiration from above.

Thank you, Spirits of the Wind.

Thank you, Messengers of Air.

Thank you for your gifts and teachings.

Thank you for the insights shared.

Namaste ~

Amy Clarke, Gaia Grove, March 18, 2014


Gaia Grove Spring Equinox & World Water Day Song Circle Ceremony here in Silver Lake SAT MAR 22 – contact gaiagrove@gmail.com for more info, to be involved.  UNIFY SAT MAR 22 ~ https://www.facebook.com/unify #welovewater



Sat Dec 14, 2013 in Los Angeles! Starhawk Winter’s Dream Workshop, Ritual, Spiral Dance!

A very special event in LA with social justice/environmental/permaculture activist & feminist Goddess Spirituality author Starhawk (& extended community) this Saturday, December 14, 2013 – hope to celebrate with all of you!  Gaia Grove music lounge in the morning from 10:30-11:30am featuring Amy Clarke with special guests Dave Greene (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Nicole Polanco, Kerry Thorne, Swan Ryder, and other surprise guests ~ come early, stay for the whole day!  Gaia Grove lounge will also feature art by Nance Broderzen and delicious organic raw vegan treats available for purchase by Alegria Xocolotl.  After the music, “Mother Earth’s Transition Team” workshop, & delicious vegetarian community meal, Starhawk will guide a frame drum trance in the afternoon ritual co-produced by Reclaiming LA & Cross Pollinate from 4:30-6:30pm along with fabulous musical & magical guests ROWAN STORM (doumbek), GRIFFIN CED (Green Man Store), PRIESTESS XIA (Temple of the Goddess), MARCIA LOPEZ, ANANDA/CHERYL CADDICK (percussion & flute), AMY CLARKE (Gaia Grove) and more! ~ please get tickets in advance, as rates are slightly higher at the door.  http://www.starhawklosangeles2013.eventbrite.com

Here is a link to a Huffington Post article about the event: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/11/starhawk-los-angeles-ritual_n_4390396.html

1466052_463212917117598_1794519257_nstarhawk_flyer_side1amy&starmaypole2013 images IMG_2521 spiraldance
Join us Saturday, Dec. 14 for a special workshop & 3rd annual community ritual to celebrate the Winter Solstice & return of light. With special guests ROWAN STORM (doumbek), GRIFFIN CED (Green Man Store), PRIESTESS XIA (Temple of the Goddess), MARCIA LOPEZ, ANANDA/CHERYL CADDICK (percussion & flute), AMY CLARKE (Gaia Grove) and more!

Saturday, December 14
10:30 am – 6:30 pm (workshop begins at 11:30 am)
Café Club Fais Do Do
5257 W. Adams Blvd, LA, 90016
10:30am – 11:30am Doors open for socializing & music by Amy Clarke & Gaia Grove
11:30am – 2:30pm “Mother Earth’s Transition Team” Workshop (event begins promptly at 11:30 am)
2:30pm – 4:00pm Delicious Organic Vegetarian meal by Jennie Cooks Catering (optional)
4:00pm – 4:30pm Doors open for Ritual
4:30pm – 6:30pm Winter’s Dream ritual
“Mother Earth’s Transition Team”
The dire reality of climate change challenges us to remake society…quickly. If we fail, we’ll suffer destruction on a global scale. But this threat is also a great opportunity to create a new world rooted in community and ecological balance. How do we join Mother Earth’s Transition Team? What shifts are needed and what actions do we need to take? How do we nurture resilient communities locally and create justice globally to heal our world?

“Winter’s Dream Spiral Dance”
After the workshop & a delicious organic meal, we will anticipate the longest night of the year with a Winter’s Dream ritual & Spiral Dance led by Starhawk & Reclaiming LA. Join us in sacred space as we dance the spiral, celebrate community, & rebirth ourselves & our world. (In support of those in recovery, ritual is drug/alcohol free.)
Workshop + Ritual + Meal
$60 Adv. | $75 at the Door

Workshop + Ritual [No Meal]
$50 Adv. | $65 at the Door

Workshop + Meal
$45 Adv. | $60 at the Door

Workshop Only [No Meal]
$35 Adv. | $50 at the Door

Ritual + Meal
$30 Adv. | $45 at the Door

Ritual Only
$20 Adv. | $25 at the Door


STARHAWK is one of the most respected voices in modern earth-based spirituality. She is also well-known as a global justice activist, ecofeminist and organizer, whose work and writings have inspired many to action. Starhawk is the author or coauthor of eleven books, including The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, long considered the essential text for the Neo-Pagan movement. She is also co-founder of the Reclaiming Tradition.